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LogiTRAFFIC reserves the right to amend or add to the contents of our Terms of Service if ever deemed necessary.
LogiTRAFFIC will inform it’s users upon any changes in our Terms of Service via the email provided upon registration for the services thereof.
If you disagree to any updated Terms of Service, you can request Account Deletion through our Support Ticket System or E-mailing us at: support@logitraffic.com

LogiTRAFFIC will only accept payments from a person over 18 years of age. Payments made to LogiTRAFFIC over Paypal are considered intangible services. Due to the nature of the service provided, we will not be able to cancel or provide refunds to any of the payments made unless we are unable to deliver the amount of visitors to your website. If we are unable to deliver the traffic, we will refund the customer on a prorated basis. Furthermore, if your account was terminated due to a violation of our terms of service, no refund will be provided.

Your website must not have any content that is in violation of laws, participation in illegal activity, spyware, or sexual contents. We do review websites that are submitted to our database, and we will terminate any membership of our customers if they do not follow our guidelines, and legal prosecution may follow if necessary.

LogiTRAFFIC has no limit on the number of people one user may refer, however each of the user's referrals must be a unique user, each having a unique computer, unique network connection, and a uniquepaypal account. The earnings you get from your referrals are earned from the referral's purchases of service at LogiTRAFFIC, at a rate of %10. If there are no purchases, there will be no earnings from your referral. Neither you nor the referral may request for the referral ID on his or her account to be changed or modified. If any of your referral's purchases were or any other unlawful activity, the earnings from that referral will be put on hold until the issue is resolved. LogiTRAFFIC has the right to suspend an account or remove any referral if we believe each of the referrals are not unique or if the referral violates our Terms of Service.

LogiTRAFFIC takes customer data protection as a high priority. LogiTRAFFIC will protect customer’s personal information and will not share it for any purposes. We only use customer information to verify the customer’s identity and the legitimacy of the transaction, as well as notify the customer of important updates. It’s the customer’s responsibility to make sure the information submitted to LogiTRAFFIC is correct, incorrect information may lead to a termination of the account due to fraud.

LogiTRAFFIC's Website collects and stores information such as country of residence as well as IP Addresses of all of our visitors. LogiTRAFFIC also stores cookies for Login Information if the REMEMBER ME? checkbox is checked upon login. LogiTRAFFIC will never give out your personal information, however, we reserve the right to contact you in any means provided. If you would like to be removed from our Emailing list, you must request Account Deletion by sending an Email to support@logitraffic.com.

You will be able to use the same Login Information throughout LogiNetworks. If you decide to use our partner website, LogiPTC, you will be agreeing to LogiPTC's Terms of Service as well. LogiPTC's Terms of Service can be found here: http://www.logiptc.com/terms.php